On the 17-19 May 2012 the sub-commission of CSC had a meeting in Brussels, the first during 2012. After a request by CSC, the Representation of the church of Cyprus in Brussels hosted the meeting at its office. The Church of Cyprus was represented by the theologian Mr. George Ioannou.

During the meetings it was discussed in detail the violations of human rights at the churches' members of CSC as well the way of being handled by them. The working group examined and finalised the manual for Human Rights which is about to be published. It also examined the possibility of not publishing it due to the high cost, but at the end and after taking in consideration all the parameters the working group decided that it should be published as a hand book while at the same time there should be a digital form.

The sub-commission examined the upcoming projects that will be fulfilled in 2013, their context as well as practical problems that derive from the meeting of the group in Cyprus during Cyprus' presidency of the European Council.

On Friday 18 May 2012, the sub-commission had a meeting with Mr. Jean Bernard, expertise for Human Rights from the External Action of the European Union. They were discussed the political actions of this special team, as well as the political line that is followed during this period. Mr. Bernard informed the Working Group for the decision of European Union to appoint a representative for Human Rights during mid of June to every country member. In addition the External Action will publish Guide Lines for Human Rights after taking in consideration the opinions of European Union's members. Finally Mr. Bernard stressed that it will be asked from the churches to express in a concrete way their points of view concerning Human Rights.

The 4-8 of October 2012 was determined as the exact period in which the working group will meet in Cyprus.





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