On 9-13 May 2012 was organized in Novi Sad of Serbia the Central Committee of CSC. Members Churches of CSC attended at the plenary from the states of Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, Armenia, Scotland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Austria, Poland, Spain, Swiss, Serbia, Denmark, Ireland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Belgium, Norway and Holland. The Church of Cyprus was represented by the theologian Mr. Georgios Ioannou on behalf of His Grace Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis.

After the formation of working groups by the members of the plenary, the working groups discussed and informed each other about the local topics that are in process within their churches. They were stressed the various problems that derive from the economical crises as well as the increased unemployment and crime. The representatives gave examples with ways that their churches offer various help to their flock and not only. As well as with the above mentioned, it was stressed the violations of religious freedom in various countries members of the European Council and the way that the churches face the forms of violations.

In a full plenary during the afternoon session of the 9 May they were presented by the Director of the CSC pastor Rudiger Noll the actions of CSC during 2011 and at the end the targets and actions for 2013 with the budget deriving from the actions and which after a long discussion and amendments were voted and ratified by the plenary.

A long period of the meeting of the Central Committee of CSC was dedicated to the proposal of renewing the constitution of CEC, a decision that was taken in Lyon of France during the general assembly in 2008. During the meeting the plenary discussed and expressed the churches opinions and thoughts about the renewal of CEC after recording the amendments in parts that the participant churches did not agree. At the end, the proposal was voted article to article. The amendments and the results of the voting will be handed to the revision working group that made the proposal to taken in consideration.

Furthermore, the committee met with the European Union´s ambassador in Serbia and the minister of the Serbian State for Serbia´s integration to the European Union. The plenary was informed for Serbia´s integration progress. In addition the local churches of Serbia (Orthodox, Protestant, Methodist and Lutheran) met with the Central Committee and expressed their worries which are connected direct or indirect with the integration process that is held, as well as their support to the state of Serbia for a common European integration. Bishop Ireneos of Batchka on behalf of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Serbia mentioned that Churches are concerned about the freedom of religion or belief especially in Serbia and in Kosovo and castigated the unfair imprisonment of Archbishop of Achrid Ioannis.

The central committee ended its meeting with an excursion to the temple of Saint Savvas the patron saint and founder of the Church of Serbia as well as to the monastery of Kovilj.




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