On the 10 and 11 of May 2012 after an initiative of the All party parliamentary commission for Cyprus of the British parliament, four English parliamentarians, Mr. David Barrows, Mr. Nick De Bois, Mr. Jim Sheridan and Mr. Matthew Offord visited Cyprus with the aim the symbolic cleaning of the Christian monuments and cemeteries in the occupied areas and the inspection of the Muslim cemeteries in the non occupied areas. This initiative was supported by the Church of Cyprus which offered whatever it could for the success of the British initiative. 

The occupying regime showing for once more its intransigence, informed the parliamentarians that they would not permit the free access to them with the Greek-Cypriots volunteers who would participate to this symbolic cleaning of the monuments. Despite the above mentioned the initiative had from then and on the participation of a small number of greek-Cypriots whose villages where in the schedule for visiting and who traveled to their villages by their own cars. 

After their visit at the Genagra village (Saint George's Church and the cemetery's church of Saint George), the Pigi village (Church of Archangel Michel) the Peristerona village (two churches of Saint Anastasios, ols and new), the Assia village (Church of Saint Georgios, Church of Prophet Ilias and the cemetery Church of Panagia), the Afania village (church of Saint Dimitrios, cemetery Church of Saint Artemios, and the old Church of Saint Artemonas), their general impression was that in some of the monuments of the occupied area were recently and partly cleaned from the wild grass that was surrounding them as well as the droppings from the animals. Their condition from the perspective of cleanliness is still very bad.

After a demand of the Turkish-Cypriot side the visit of the British MPs to the non-occupied area was focused mainly to the cemeteries. The cemeteries are cleaned and maintained by the local and communal government. Visits were made at the cemeteries of Dromolaxia village, Kivisili village and Kalo Chorio village of the district of Larnaka. The MPs also visited the mosque Kioprouglou Chatzi Imprahim Aga at Angaras Avenue in Limasol, the Hala Soultan Teke the salt lake of Larnaka and at the mosque of Dromolaxia village. 

In a press conference that took place at Ledra Palace on the 11May 2012, the British MPs stated that it was a positive and a courage movement and that the local Turkish-Cypriots promised for the continuation of the procedure of cleaning the occupied monuments as well as their treatment as sacred and religious sites. It was also expressed by them the readiness for observation of the procedure. The initiative that begun will be continued and broaden to other religious monuments if the procedure is secured.









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