A symbolic ceremony took place among the ecclesiastical representatives of the countries of Poland Cyprus and Denmark (European Union’s trio of presidency 2011-2012) at the cathedral of Copenhagen for the presidency of the state of Denmark. Churches that are sited in Denmark took part among them; the protestant bishop of Denmark Peter Skov-Jakobsen and the Roman Catholic bishop of Copenhagen Czeslaw Kozon. On behalf of the polish church, representatives from the polish community of Protestants with head of delegation bishop Jerzy Samiec. From the state of Denmark were present the minister for European affairs of Denmark and other officials for European matters as well as the ambassadors of Cyprus and Poland in Denmark. The church of Cyprus was represented by the theologian Mr. Georgios Ioannou.

          This tradition was established by the churches of the countries that are presidents of the European Union and begun in July 2011 in Warsaw by the polish church for the presidency of the state of Poland (2nd semester 2012).

          During the ceremony the representatives stressed the important role that the churches play in Europe as well as the common responsibility that they have for shaping of the European Union’s strategy. The protestant bishop of the church of Denmark emphasized that faith will become the base of European Union where the hopes of people can be built having in mind the Gospel that prompts to love God and the human being. The bishop of the protestant church of Poland Jerzy Samiec stressed the importance of praying in a European Union that is traumatized by the global economic crises while at the rest of the world conflicts are still maintained.

          In his speech, the representative of the Church of Cyprus stressed the importance of the initiative of the churches as well as the importance of the dialogue between the churches and the European institutions as it is foreseen in article 17 of the Lisbon Treaty. Among others he mentioned that the European values and human rights are supported by the churches of Europe, while the Church of Cyprus is facing every day the violation of human rights and religious freedoms at the northern occupied part of Cyprus for the last 37 years by the turkish occupying regime and turkish army.

          At the end a formal reception took place at the residence of the protestant bishop of Denmark.    








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