After an invitation by the Church of Cyprus, the English Parliamentarians Mr David Burrows and Mr. Nick de Bois members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cyprus of the English Parliament visited Cyprus between the dates 4-7 November 2011. The two parliamentarians were escorted by the secretary of the committee Mrs. Marina Savva. During their staying in Cyprus the two parliamentarians had the chance to meat with a number of Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots politicians. His Beatitude the Archbishop Chrysostomos held a dinner to honour the two parliamentarians at the Holy Archbishopric.

On Saturday, the 5th of November they visited and guided by Bishop of Neapolis Porfyrios in religious monuments and cemeteries in the occupied part of Cyprus. They visited the villages of Peristerona, Pigi, Lefkoniko, Gialousa, Rizokarpaso, Galatia and the Holy Monastery of Apostle Andreas, as well as the fenced off area of Varosi. On Sunday, the 6th of November 2011 they visited the Muslim monuments in the non-occupied part of Cyprus. In Nicosia, they visited the Mosque of Omeriye, the Baths of Omeriye, the Mosque of Bairaktar and in Larnaka the Mosque of Tusla and Hala Sultan Tekke. After their visit, at the above mentioned sightseeing they expressed their deep sadness for the unacceptable profanation of the occupied Christian monuments and cemeteries and promised to lead the initiative of their immediate cleaning. During this effort Greek- Cypriots and Turkish- Cypriots residences of London will take part. The aim of this initiative is the cultivation of respect of the cultural heritage of Cyprus as well as of the religious freedom.  





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