Between the dates 21-24 of September 2011, the annual meeting of the Central Committee of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) took place in Prague. The Church of Cyprus was represented by his Grace Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis. 

          The central committee expresses its gratitude to the departing Romanian General Secretary, Father Viorel Ionita whose service is to be finished with his retirement on the 1st of October 2011. It also voted on a temporary structure for leadership, until January 2012, of the General Secretariat of CEC. The Presidency of CEC will be responsible for this structure until there is a new General Secretary which will be reviewed at the next Central Committee meeting in January 2012 in Genève. 

          During the meeting the report of the Assembly Planning Committee was received according the upcoming CEC Constitutional Assembly and the decision was taken for this Assembly to be held from 3-8 July 2013 in Budapest, Hungary.

          The Committee also received the reports for the past year from: Interim  General Secretary (f. Viorel Ionita) the President of CEC (Pastor Rudiger Noll), the President of CiD (Dr. Kaisamari Hintika) and the President of CCME (Mrs Doris Peschke).

          The committee also examined the economic balance-sheets for year 2011 and approved the submitted budget for 2012 as well as its action programme.

          In its public statement the Central Committee encouraged the CEC members to minister the Roma minorities and to take future steps to overcome barriers between minority and majority communities.  

A letter that was sent by his Beatitude the Patriarch of Serbia Mr. Irineos, was explaining the dangers and the difficulties that the Serbian minority faces in North Kosovo. The committee respond with a letter of support to his Beatitude.

          In the evening of the 22nd of September 2011 the Committee had a meeting with the Representatives of the Church of the Czech Republic. The meeting included conversation and was followed by a dinner sponsored by the churches.





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