Between the dates 17 of December and the 18 of December 2010 in Vienna of Austria took place the conference of Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) where the achievements and the challenges of 2010 and the future petitions for migration were examined.

Present to this two day conference were the Metropolitan of France Mr. Emmanuel, as the president of Conference of European Churches, the Metropolitan of Austria Mr. Michael, the Bishop of the Evangelical Church of Austria Mr. Daniel Carelo, Mr. Daniel Carelo as the representative of the Church of Sweden, Mr. Berit Hagen Agoy from the Church of Norway, Ms Rita Bruvers from the Evangelical -Lutheran Church, Ms Roswitha Golder from the Federation of the Protestantic Churches of Swiss, Ms Simona Savin Gardberg from the Council of Finish churches, Mr. antonios papatoniou as the representative of the Orthodox Church of Greece, Ms Elena Timofticiuc from the Orthodox Church of Romania, Mr. Thorsten Leisser on behalf of the Church of Germany, Ms Franka di Liecce from the Federation of Protesntantic Churches of Italy as well as representatives from other active members of the CCME. It is to be noted that an expertise from the European Union for the human rights of the immigrants Mr. Morten Kjaerum attendant at the conference.

The conference was opened by the Metropolitan of France Mr. Emmanuel as well as the Evangelical bishop of Austria Mr. Michael Bunker. Topics as the organization and the way of facing the immigrants, the aid that is given to them by the local Churches as well as their rights, were mentioned.

CCME s aim to support and give its tension to the immigrants for the year 2010 is about to end successfully. Among others the churches decided that they should take more drastic measures for the protection of immigrants, to the building of a common Political Asylum System and mainly to put pressure to the European states to ratify the international convention for the rights of the immigrants and their families. Among others they stressed that migration is a normal feature of human history and aware that migration has and will always pose challenges we believe that we need to actively and positively shape the reality of migration with various ways such as:

  • Let us build bridges and create places where people can meet and exchange their histories stories and experiences
  • Let us talk each other and not about each other
  • Let us celebrate diversity together and find ways to address the common challenges in society together not apart.

All in all it was strongly emphasized that Churches must contribute to the maintenance of the dignity to every immigrant since every person is an image of God. 




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