The 13th General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches gathered to Lyon of France from 15 to 21 July 2009. It is well-know that the C.E.C. Assembly is every six years in different European places and towns. The representation of the Church of Cyprus was constituted by 5 members: Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis, Archimandrite father Venediktos Ioannou, Head Priest father Ioannis Kyprianou and two theologians, dr. George Kakouras and Michaella Paulou.

On the occasion of the 13th General Assembly and the fiftieth anniversary of C.E.C. (1959-2009), the Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomaios and Patriarch of Roumania Daniel were invited to address to the participants. The principal subject of the General Meeting was:« Called to One Hope in Christ ».

“Climate change and the destruction of the environment call us to work for the integrity of the creation, both by influencing politicians and decision makers, and by looking to ourselves by reducing our own ecological footprint and the CO2-emissions. The far-reaching financial crisis demands that we recognize the opportunity for a new economic order to emerge and to remind the world of the need for an economy based on ethical responsibility and environmental sustainability” was one of the messages of the 13th General Assembly among others.

“We declare: there is hope in our struggle for truth and justice. There is hope when we resist all forms of violence and racism when we defend the dignity of human person. There is hope when we insist on the obligation for unselfish solidarity, between people and peoples, when we fight for unfeigned respect for the creation”.

The C.E.C. Assembly declared the year 2010 a year of: “European churches responding to migration”. In addition, the C.E.C. has established a working group of 15 members for the revision of the C.E.C. as a whole. The achievement of this activity will last to 2013 when the special 14thGeneral Meeting activity will examine and adopt it.

In another announcement of the General Assembly it is asked the absolute respect for the violation of human rights and religious freedom. Re-enforce the respect of holy ground and religious communities is required. It is claimed by Turkey the revision of its policy related with religious education and the preservation of Christians worship monuments to the occupied by the Turkish army northern Cyprus.






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