Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis, Representative of the Church of Cyprus to the European Union, participated to the sightseeing exhibition on the theme, Looted Cultures-Stolen, Lives organized and sponsored by Mrs Antigoni Papadopoulou MEP, S&D, with the city Council of Morphou on Wednesday 9th of June 2010 at the European Parliament.

Mrs Antigoni Papadopoulou MEP, S&D and former Mayor of Morphou, Mrs Mary Honeyball MEP, Culture and Education Coordinator, Mr. Charalambos Pittas, Mayor of Morphou and Mr. Christodoulos A. Hadjichristodoulos, Archaeologist welcomed the guests.

In his speech, Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis made a reference to the perennial relationship between Cyprus and Christianity, to the bloody events of 1974 and the tragic results of the invasion, to the ongoing destruction of the cultural heritage by the Turkish army and request permanent pressure to Turkey and the immediate activation of its mechanism for the conservation and preservation of the cultural heritage in the occupied part of Cyprus.

Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis asked - How Turkey requested the opening of the chapter of culture for its accession to the E.U. when at the same time the Turkish army occupies illegally the 37% of the Republic of Cyprus and consciously destroys hundreds of religious monuments belonging to a member country of the E.U.?

He asked also from all the participants together, to protect the European and World heritage of the occupied Cyprus, a heritage that runs the risk of rack and ruin as a consequence of the ongoing for 36 years Turkish occupation.








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