The World Council of Churches in Geneva hosted in Geneva the forty members of the session of the Central Committee of the Conference of European Churches from 16th to 19th of December 2009. The Representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the venerable Metropolitan of France Mr. Emmanuel was elected as the new President for the quadrennial 2010-2013. The Anglican Bishop Christopher Hill and the Protestant Mrs. Okrin Cardelia Kopsch were elected as vice-Presidents. Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis, Representative of the Church of Cyprus in C.E.C. was elected as member of the Church and Society Commission (C.S.C.).

The forty members discussed about the report of the 13th General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches in Lyon in July, the progress of C.E.C. the next four years and the reports of the Churches in Dialogue Committee and in the Church and Society Committee. They elected the members of the above committees and approved the budget of the year 2010.

Two important subjects were discussed by the Central Committee, the immigrants and refugees in Italy and the aggravation of climate change.

Concerning the first, the Central Committee expressed her breathless suspense for the serious violation of Human Rights against the immigrants and refugees and those who request asylum in European countries and especially in Italy. The Central Committee requests the dispatch of missions in Italy by the Concilium of the European Union, for the violation of Human Rights and that the European law and the international Treaties assure and that the Italian State has validated also to investigate also if the agreements between Italy-Libya about the control of the illegal immigration through the sea are compatible with the European and International law.

The Central Committee expressed her deep disappointment for the weakness of the Head of States to reached to a binding agreement and an adequately answer to the climate catastrophe in the summit of Copenhagen. The Christians all over the World expressed their support with Churches Masses, protest marches and peal of bells.

We call the developed nations which recognize their historical charge concerning the climate change, to act. We call the European countries and especially the European Union to tighten their efforts for a satisfactory conclusion. The creation of God needs preservation and protection so that we can be able to pass it to the next generations. Purpose of C.E.C. is to focus even more in these efforts.



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