The Church of Cyprus took the initiative and with the cooperation of Dr. Eleni Theocharous MEP, a group of four MEP s constituted by Ms Thekla W. Sommer (Germany), Ms Cecilia Wikstrom (Sweden), Mr. Jaroslaw Walesa (Poland) and Mr. Artur Zasada (Poland), was invited from the 26thto the 30th of March 2010 to visit Cyprus.

During their hospitality, the European officials had the opportunity to visit the occupied by the Turkish forces part of Cyprus and to find out the range of the constant cultural and religious destruction of the religious monuments and also the constant deprivation of Religious freedom to the enclaved who continue to live in their homelands.

In their statements, the Europeans MEP s, underlined the need to put an end to that, inadmissible situation, and the need for conservation and restoration of the desecrated monuments. The destruction of the cultural heritage of Cyprus to the occupied part of the island consist a, humiliation, not only for Cyprus but for the entire Europe.

The European officials visited also Muslem monuments situated to the non occupied part of Cyprus and the two monuments which were conserved by a European economical support (Emerke Hamam & Bedestan – Saint Nicolas).

They were present to a formal dinner served in their honor by the Archbishop of Cyprus Mr. Chrysostomos II.




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