Thirty-four antiquities that are originated from the occupied northern part of Cyprus are being repatriated today 28/08/2015 after the decision of the appeal court of Munich on the 16 March 2015. From the 34 antiquities, the 24 are Byzantine ones and the rest are prehistorical. In their vast majority, these are from the private collection of Christakis Chatziprodromou, from the village of Saint Epiktitos, etc. The most important of these antiquities are the three pairs of Royal Doors from the monasteries of Christ the Antifonitis, and Panagia of Kantara, frescoes also form the monastery of Christ the Antifontis and from the church of Saint Solomoni in the village Koma Gialou and the monastery of Panagia Apsinthiotisa in the village of Sichari. Finally, a homiliarion (homily book) as well as a hand-written Gospel of the Armenian Community will be also be repatriated.

During October 2013, they were also repatriated 173 antiquities from the same case. For the rest 49 remaining antiquities there is still a legal procedure aiming of the fastest repatriation of all.

The Church of Cyprus is expressing its deepest appreciation to the Cypriot authorities (General Attorney, Police and the Department of Antiquities) and all those that contributed in their own way to this struggle






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