For complying with article 17 of the Treaty of Lisbon, it was hosted on the 24 of March 2015 at the European Parliament by its President Mr. Martin Schulz and its Vice-President Mr. Antonio Tajiani a seminar on the topic “The rise of religious radicalism and the role of inter-religious dialogue in promoting tolerance and respect of Human Dignity”.

Representatives from different religions such as Orthodox, Jewish, Muslims, as well as representatives of the Catholic Bishops in Europe (COMECE), other Orthodox Churches’ representatives, Mormons, Protestants, and other christian organizations, Masons and Atheists were present. The Church of Cyprus was represented by Deacon f. Nektarios Ioannou.

Among others the speakers stressed out the need for condemning fundamentalism and religious radicalism on behalf of religions while at the same time they supported the need for a more frequent dialogue, which will aid the understanding of each other, the support of democracy, of human rights and human dignity. Both, the representatives of religions as well as the representatives of the European Parliament emphasized immoral use of religion as part of politics on behalf of countries, for creating fanaticism something that must be condemned. In addition, they highlighted the important role that education plays in the formation of citizens with European conscience and identity.

At the end, the Vice-President of the European Parliament Mr Tajiani, expressed the opinion that in cooperation with the European Commission, the dialogue between religions and the European Institutions should be underscored more in the effort of a deepest understanding.





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