After eleven years, Munich’s Court of Appeal issued on the 16th of March 2015 its final decision for the case of the Republic of Cyprus vs. A. Dikmen, a Turkish illicit antiquities dealer. The Court of Appeal decided that 34 of the antiquities would return to the Republic of Cyprus. Among these are frescos from the monastery of Christ Antifonitis, the church of Saint Solomoni in the village Koma of Yialou and the monastery of Virgin Mary of Apsinthiotissa. In addition, three pairs of holy altar doors from the monastery of Christ Antifonitis, the Monastery of Virgin Mary of Kantara and from Saint Dimitrianos in the village of Dali. Furthermore, a manuscript Holy Gospel (18th cent.) of the Armenian community in Cyprus and a manuscript homiliarion(speaches of Holy fathers 17th cent.) from the monastery of Virgin Mary of Troditisa, will return to Cyprus. This repatriation includes also 10 prehistoric antiquities that were part of, the collection of Mr. Christakis Chatziprodromou, others from Saint Epiktitos and many more.

For the rest 48 Antiquities (icons of Russian style and other prehistoric antiquities) the court ruled, due to lack of evidences for their Cypriot origin, to be re-granted to the Turkish illegal dealer of antiquities. Fortunately, this decision will not be executed because the Republic of Cyprus demanded immediately their auction through the lawful recourse. All antiquities will be claimed and regained by the Republic of Cyprus since A. Dikmen must defray an amount of more than 500.000 euros to the Republic of Cyprus.

The repatriation of the 34 antiquities is in process and will be completed approximately in a month.







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