Between the 1st and the 2nd of December 2014 the meeting of the Executive committee (X-COM) of the Churches’ Commission for Migrants of Europe (CCME) was held in Brussels. The members of the X-COM were elected by the General Assembly held in Sigtuna last June. The Church of Cyprus was represented by Deacon f. Nektarios Ioannou.

The president of the X-COM welcomed the members. Firstly, the agenda of the meeting was ratified and then the X-COM begun its discussions. Among the themes of the agenda, were the ways of implementing the decisions of the General Assembly of CCME and the negotiation procedures between the Conference of European Churches and CCME for their merge. In addition the General Secretary Mrs. Doris Peschke explain the difficulties concerning the projects suggested by the General Assembly and, the X-COM took decisions after long discussions.

During the second meeting the discussion concerned the financial problems of CCME. Common ascertain of X-COM’s members deriving from the balance sheets of the previous years is that due to the economical crises the financial contribution of the member churches and organizations was lower than before. The General Secretary explained in details the problems and the procedures in the participation in European programs but unfortunately because the European budget for 2015 is not yet approved, none of the programs is secured. Finally, the treasurer suggested to the XCOM’s members to send to all member churches and organizations a letter reminding them the necessity of their contribution.

At the end of the meeting the XCOM’s members arranged their up-coming meetings, which the one will be in Romania and the other in Spain.





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