For the very first time after 40 years from the Turkish invasion the Divine Liturgy was celebrated at the church of Saint Marina at the village of Kythrea, for the memory of Saint Demetrianos, Bishop of Hytron (Kythrea), and patron saint of Kythrea village.

On the 6th of November, refugees from Kythrea village residing all over Cyprus, the Mayor of Kythrea - Mr. Petros Kareklas, the chairman and members of the "HYTRON" club, returned to Kythrea village and attended the Divine Liturgy that was celebrated by His Grace Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis, together with refugees priests of the community.

With deep and strong emotions due to this pleasant event, Kythrea’s refuges recalled and shared memories and events that took place in this temple and their city. They prayed to Saint Demetrianos for a speedy and permanent return to their hometown, the beautiful Kefalovrysos and promised their reunion and return on the 17th of July to celebrate the memory of Saint Marina, patron Saint of the church.






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