2013 nov14

On November 14, 2013, on invitation from the Church and Society Commission (CSC), a meeting with two former members of parliament of Egypt, members of the Protestant Church in Egypt, was held at its offices. Dr Freddy Elbaiady and Dr El Kharrat met with representatives of churches in Brussels and informed them of the tragic situation in which Egyptian people are at present.

Two years have passed since the beginning of the conflicts and the situation remains explosive. Christians are daily attacked by fanatic Muslims, while the places of worship and their property are being destroyed in order to eliminate or expel them from the country. The current military government has stimulated the adoption of a new constitution in the country to be voted next January and parliamentary elections in March or April. Presidential elections are planned to be held between September - December 2014.

After the update from the two former MPs a debate was held on the future of Christians in Egypt and the possible ways in which the sovereignty of human rights for all citizens of Egypt can be maintained. The two envoys have numerous contacts with officials of the European Institutions (European Parliament (EP), the European Commission (EC) and the Committee for European External Action Service (EEAS)).

The Church of Cyprus was represented to the meeting by Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis.





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