On Friday the 3rd of September the director of the office of the Church of Cyprus his Grace Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis had a meeting with the European Union’ s Cypriot Commissioner of Culture and Education Ms. Androulla Vassiliou. During this, he informed Ms Vassiliou for the tragic condition in which are most of the occupied by the Turkish troops Christian monuments and gave to her a written memorandum. He stressed the need for a more essential entanglement of the European Commission to the struggle for the maintenance and the re-operation of the occupied places of workship.

Concrete suggestions were proposed to the Commissioner, which by their accomplishment will lead to the continuation effort of imprinting architectural part of the religious monuments.

Ms Vassiliou as responsible for the above sector, showed great interest and promised that she will act as possible for the accomplishment of the rescue and the re-operation of the religious places of workship that will help to restore the mutual trust and the peaceful coexistence of the two communities. This is a permanent target and objective of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus.

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