The Future of EU-Reflections for the EU by 2025

In the context of the Dialogue between the European Parliament and the Churches and philosophical organizations, a conference/workshop on "The future of European Union - Concerns up to year 2025" was held. The conference was under the auspices of the President of the European Parliament Mr. Antonio Tajiani.

The opening session was introduced by the First Vice President of the European Parliament, Ms Mairead McGuinness, responsible for the dialogue with the Churches.At this session, representatives of the Christian Churches as well as of the Jewish and Muslim religions and European Union officials participated.During the presentations and the exchange of views that followed, the urgent need for changes in the E.U. was underlined to reinstate citizens' trust in the European Institutions.


The E.U. needs to address effectively the major issue of refugee flows from the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, the problem of terrorism, which has spread fear and anxiety in many European capitals and cities, needs to be addressed. The countries of the European south (Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Italy) are facing severe economic issues, they have high levels of unemployment and are being called upon to carry an unbearable burden concerning the refugee problem. The principles of solidarity, subsidiary and ministry should join forces to respond to the crisis.

The need for closer and stronger cooperation between the European Institutions and the Churches was highlighted. Their contribution is invaluable to the formation and culture of the European spirit. The E.U. is much more than politics and economics.

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