The frescos of Saint Efymianos form Lysi village are exposed from now on in a special formed room, at the foundation of Archbishop Makarios III at the Holy Archbishopric. The frescos were repatriated from Texas on the 16th of March after coordinated efforts of the Church of Cyprus and the Republic of Cyprus.

The frescos dated back in the 13th century, are originated from the arch and the dome of the occupied Church and had been bought by the Menil foundation from the illegal artefact dealer Ayden Dikmen in 1985. In 1986 the Menil foundation came in deal with the Church of Cyprus, and took them under its care for a period of twenty years. Before the end of the agreement a new agreement was set up with a renewal of six years.

During the press conference that was given by the Archbishop Chrysostomos II on the 27 March 2012 at the Foundation of Archbishop Makarios III, they were present the Minister of Transportation, representatives from the American Embassy, the General Attorney, and the Department of Antiquities..

The Archbishop expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of repatriating the frescos, and stressed that everyone will be even more touched when these frescos return to the Church of Saint Efymianos in Lysi village, which is still occupied.

He also mentioned the intensive corporation between the Church and the state for the repatriation of these frescos as well as for the rest of the artefacts that were stolen by art dealers illegally from Cyprus.

He also mentioned that the official inauguration of the specially formed room with the frescos will be made when Cyprus will assume the presidency of the European Council during the second semester of 2012.

Finally the Archbishop mentioned the judicial struggle that is taking place in Munich, for the artefacts that were stolen by the illegal artefact dealer Aydin Dikmen and that we are expecting that the decision will be in favour of Cyprus.






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