The metropolitan Church of Saint Mamas in occupied Morfou.

On Tuesday,13 march 2012, the occupying regime made another provoking violation of religious freedom in Cyprus, by not permitting to the Bishop of Karpasia Mr. Christoforos to enter the north part of Cyprus from the barricades of Astromeritis village and later on from the one of Agios Dometios. Both, the metropolitan of Morfou and the Bishop of Karpasia set of on the morning of Tuesday to visit the Metropolitan Church of saint Mamas in Morfou. At the barricade of Astromeritis and while they had permitted to the Metropolitan of Morfou to enter the north part of Cyprus, they did not permit to the Bishop of Karpasia to enter to the occupied part of Cyprus without giving any explanations. It was made later on an effort to enter from the barricade of Agios Dometios in Nicosia but again unsuccessfully.

The metropolitan of Morfou through a written statement expressed that as long as the occupying regime denies the entrance to the north part of Cyprus to the bishop of Karpasia, he will also not enter the occupied area of north Cyprus.

The Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus in an extraordinary assembly on Friday 16th of March, decided with an unanimous statement that until this prohibition, which is against the fundamental human rights, is terminated, none of its members will visit the occupyied area of north Cyprus and also exhorted the clergy and the rest of the Cypriots to do so.





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