During the afternoon of the 2nd of May 2011, a Turkish bulldozer demolished the chapel of Saint Thekla, which was built at the shore of the Village Vokolida-Amochostos in 1907 after the miraculous found of the Saint s icon. The small chapel was of a single room, with a vault, with arches in its interior and with a narthex which was built at the westerner part later on and after the major construction of the chapel. In the interior frescoes were decorating the walls.
This information was brought to light by the newspaper Yeni Duzen (04-05-2011). The special advisor of the Turkish-Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu, Mr. Kudret Ozersay stated that the government does not approve the incident and condemned this behaviour as unacceptable. Next to the existed chapel of Saint Thekla an enormous Hotel is built under the name Noahs Ark and is expected according to information, to start operating in a month.
The occupying regime arrested and put under seize the driver of the bulldozer and employee of the company Exsen, responsible for the construction of the hotel next to the chapel. 
This new provoking gesture by the occupying regime against the cultural heritage of Cyprus is part of the systematic destroy of more religious monuments in the occupying part of Cyprus with bulldozers as it also happened with the temples of Saint Catherine in the village of Gerani (Amochostos), of Saint Demetrius in the village of Gialousa (Karpasia) and of Saint Havacum in the village of Rizokarpaso (Karpasia).





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