The Church of Cyprus recovered two byzantine icons of Apostle Paul (57 x 38.5) and Jacob (56 x 38.5) which are dated back in the mid 18th century. The two icons belong to the hagiography school of Saint Iraklidios (Nicosia) and were located in February at the German town of Dusseldorf. The two icons belong for sure to a temple or a Monastery from the occupied areas of Cyprus.

After the desecration and the pillage of the christian monuments by the Turkish army in summer of 1974 they were transfered illegally, as thousand others, to the European markets to be sold. His Grace Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis, Director of the Office of the Church of Cyprus to the European Institutions and President of the Synodical Committee for Monuments and Art traveled to Dusseldorf, where he received the two icons.

In the meantime it is still on the research for the verification of the icons origin. Information that might be right is that the icons belong to the Monastery of Saint Anastasios in Peristeronopigi - Famagusta.

In short time the two icons will be tranfered in Cyprus.





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