The post-byzantine icon of Jesus Christ, 18th century

A post-byzantine icon of Jesus Christ (18th century) from the iconostasis of Saint Charalambos was handed in to H.G. Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis, representative of the Church of Cyprus to the European institutions, in a reception which took place at the hall of Saints Anargyroi Church at Highate of north London by the famous artist of pop music Mr. Boy George (George Alan O Dowd).

As he stated, he bought the icon in 1985 by an art deler in King s Road of London, ignoring the real origin of the icon.

The Church of Cyprus tracked and identified the icon after being informed by Mr. Van Rijn, from a programme of the Dutch television with Mr. B. George in November 2010. The icon belongs to the Church Saint Charalambos (photo) of Neo Chorio Kythreas village in Cyprus, occupied by the Turkish army.

The icon ended up in a shop of antiquities in London after being stolen and illegally exported by the occupation forces.

The testimonies of the expert byzantinists and of the priest of the village was given to Mr. B. George who accepted to return the icon to its legal owner, the Church of Cyprus and wished soon to be returned to the Church of Saint Charalambos from where was illegal stolen.

The High Commission of the Republic of Cyprus in London, Mr. John Kaponis (publisher) and Mr. John Themis (musician) contributed to the success.

As a blessing and for the gesture of Mr. B. George, H.G. gave him a modern Byzantine icon of Jesus Christ with the wish that other persons who posse such artefacts will imitate his example.




The Church of Saint Charalambos at the Neo Chorio Kythreas village in Cyprus, occupied by the Turkish army as it is today.




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