agios ioannis theologos1762

The accordance collaboration of the Church of Cyprus with the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus to Berlin and the Minister of Foreign Affairs let with a great success the repatriation at the Church of Cyprus six Byzantine icons which are dated in the 18th and 19th century and were stolen from Cyprus after the Turkish invasion. The six icons were in the possession of a respectable family in Munich of Germany. Having suspicions for the origin of the icons, the family contacted with the Embassy of Cyprus in Berlin and asked for an investigation of the case. The Church of Cyprus was also informed and two distinguished expertise of byzantine arts Mr. Papageorgiou and Mr. Papaeioakim verified scientifically that the origin of the icons was indeed Cyprus. All of the icons are art crafts of the School of Hagiography of the Monastery of Saint Heraklidios which flourished in Cyprus between the 18th and 19th century.

The six icons are:

  1. Large icon of Saint John the Theologian (1762), a donation of the Metropolitan of Paphos Saint Panaretos, for a temple of a Church in the occupied Cyprus.
  2. Small icon of Saint John the Theologian (18th century) from the iconostasis of the Monastery Panagia of Tohniou.
  3. Small icon of Saint Heraklidios (18th century).
  4. Small icon of Saints Anargyroi, Kosmas and Damianos (1810).
  5. Small icon of Palm Sunday (18th century).
  6. Small icon of the Baptism of Christ (1792).

Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis, representative of the Church of Cyprus to the European institutions, in accordance with the family that possessed the icons, visited Munich on the 12th of November 2010 where they had a meeting. In a sentimentally heavy atmosphere and after the scientific verification which proves the origin of the icons, they were handed in to the representative of the Church, with the wish that soon they will be restored to their initiative place of worship. To the munificent family, which requested being anonymous was given a modern icon of Saint Varnavas and a gratified epistle.



St John the Theologian (18th century), Monastery of Panagia of Tohni, Mandres, Famagusta.

Saint Heraklidios (18th century).






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