The Cypriot Vice-President of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) Political Group of the European Parliament Mr. Ioannis Kasoulides in partnership with his German colleague Mr. Reiner Boege suggested the sponsorship of the Technical Committee for the cultural heritage of Cyprus with the amount of 1 million Euro. This suggestion was approved and voted by the European Parliament’s Committee of Foreign Affairs on the 6th of September in Strasbourg.

This sponsorship will be used first of all for the transcription of all the cultural monuments of the island as well as for the reconstruction of the Church of the Archangel Michael and the Mosque of Arnavout in Limassol.

It is remarkable that the E.U. is sponsoring with the amount of 1 million Euro the preservation of the cultural heritage despite the fact that in her view those actions belongs to the powers of the Member States.

If there is no objection by the proper Budget Committee of the European Parliament, the Plenary and the Council, the sum will be sealed on November.




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