Cecilia Wikstrom

In a ceremony which took place on the 8th of April 2011 at the Holy Archbishopric Ms. Cecilia Wikstrom was honored for her contribution to the struggle of the Cypriot people for justice and implementation of Human Rights in Cyprus, in the presence of the European parliamentarians, politicians and the members of the Swedish Embassy.

Ms. Wikstrom was honored by his Beatitude the Archbishop of Nova Justinian and all Cyprus Mr. Chrysostomos II with the highest distinction of the Holy Archbishopric which is the Metal of Apostle Paul. In his speech his Beatitude stressed among others the contribution of Ms Wikstrom to the Cyprus problem and her multiple range fields of work in which she is active, and also how with her influence and struggles she managed to reshape the opinion of the European Parliament for our legal rights, as well as topics concerned the direct trade with the occupied part of Cyprus. As well important it was the contribution of Ms Wikstrom to the effort that is made for the promotion of the desecration and the destruction of our cultural heritage by Turkey in the occupied part of northern Cyprus. Among others he added that: “We were deeply moved by her courage and bravery in declaring her positions in favour of Cyprus even in Turkey, and denouncing before the Turkish National Assembly the brutal and inhuman violation of the religious freedom of our people, the destruction of the monuments and religious heritage in the occupied Cyprus, the change of the names of the villages in the enclaved north of our island and, finally, the dramatic demographical alteration.

The ceremony ended with Byzantine Hymns by the Choir of Cathedral of Saint John the Theologian and a reception. 





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