On the 30rd of September 2010 was presented by the European churches (C.C.E. COMECE CARITAS EUROPE) at the European parliament a seminar under the title: New ways of Solidarity.

At the seminar there were presented fourteen political recommendations which concern the European members and are aiming to reduce the percentage of poverty. The seminar was opened by the president of the European Parliament Mr. Jerzy Buzek, and assisted to it Bishop Haszlo Tokes MP, Mr. Otmar Karas vice president of EPP and in charge for the dialogues among religions and cultures, archbishop Andre Dupuy Apostolic Nuncio at the European Union, the archbishop of Munich Reinhard Max vice president of the COMECE, Mr. Philippe Courard Minister of the Belgian government for topics of poverty and social integration, Mr. Gyula Hegyi advisor of commissioner Lazslo Andor and the European parliament members Ms Anna Zaborska, Ms Jean Lambert and Ms Silvana Rapti.

Mr. Jerzy Buzek, president of the European parliament, stressed among others that: the 2000 years of the deaconate of the Churches must help the politicians to achieve their task, for the future of the European Union, which has just sixty years of life. Furthermore, it was stressed by all the participants that this fourteen recommendations are crucial for the European Union and confirm at the same time the roles of both, the politicians and the churches, for dealing with social problems such as poverty and not only.

The Church of Cyprus was represented by His Grace Bishop Porfyrios of Neapolis, Director of the Office of the Church of Cyprus to the European Union.





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