Organiser: Byzantine Museum of the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation  Curator: Dr. Ioannis Eliades 
Design of boards and informative material: Doros Kakoullis 
Printing: Lithocare 
Texts: Dr Ioannis Eliades 
Translations: Rhea Frangofinou (English) , Paschalia Hatzi (french), dr. Charalambos Chotzakoglou (German) , Giovanni Ricciardi (Italian). 
Original photographic material:  Archive of the Records’ Office for Byzantine Icons and Sacred Vessels of the Churches (Archbishopric of Cyprus) 
 Archive of Dr Ioannis Eliades 
Department of Antiquities 
Published photographic material: Ch. Chotzacoglou, Religious monuments in occupied Cyprus, Nicosia 2008 
 Rev. D. Demosthenous, Churches of occupied Cyprus, Nicosia 2005 
 Chr. Hadjichristodoulou (editor), Christian monuments in the metropolitan area of Kyrenia, Nicosia 2008 

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